Day: January 25, 2011

Primates arrive in Dublin

Most of the Primates (heads of Provincial Churches) of the Anglican Communion have arrived in Dublin, Ireland for their meeting. Seven are not attending because the Primate of the Episcopal Church Katharine Jefferts Schori is attending.

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Abp Anis: Primates should rule

The Anglican Communion needs to give the Lambeth Conference and the Primates’ Meeting a Conciliar authority in matters of faith and order, including the area of interpretation of the Scriptures. ~ ++Anis

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Experience of grace

How could Paul both deny that he had received the gospel through human mediation and yet also affirm that his gospel was in accord with the tradition he received? Unless we are content to conclude that Paul was wholly unscrupulous in his shifts and manoeuvres (a judgment we should hesitate before passing on anyone), the answer has to be something along the following lines.

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