Day: February 2, 2011

Thank God for the new atheism

As atheist blogger P.Z. Myers pointed out, “the old school of atheism is really, really boring.” For Myers, the more outrageous the message, the better. That’s the only way it will get noticed.

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Bishops write pastoral letters after murder of David Kato

As David Kato’s gentle and loving voice had been effective giving hope and inspiration to numerous discarded people, so also our strong voice of faith and prayer must be heard. May the Lord forgive us our sins and heal the wounds of humanity’s lack of compassion and love.

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Democracy and a role for religion in Egypt?

The world is watching closely to see what kind of country may emerge from the latest popular revolt to rock the Arab world. Yet in the United States, the conversation– as usual when it comes to the Middle East–seems fixated on the singular issue of Islam, and more specifically, on the role that the Muslim Brotherhood may play in Egypt’s future.

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A prayer breakfast for David Kato

Key religious leaders are calling for ‘A Prayer for David Kato’ on February 3rd, the first day of the National Prayer Breakfast, to honor the Ugandan gay rights activist who was killed last week, amidst a storm of anti-gay sentiment in his country. Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson and Auburn Theological Seminary are spearheading this national call for prayer and remembrance.

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Anis writes from Egypt

The Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Bishop of the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt on the current situation in Egypt.

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Barbara Bush is for Marriage Equality

Ms. Bush, 29, has taped a video calling on New York to legalize gay marriage. A bill to do that was defeated in the state in 2009. She describes the issue as a matter of conscience and equality.

“I am Barbara Bush, and I am a New Yorker for marriage equality.”

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A moment of grace

The religious and liturgical events that provided the setting for this song were the traditional Jewish ceremonies that followed a baby’s birth. Though they aren’t clearly defined by Luke, who was not a Jew himself, three key Jewish ceremonies were taking place in the life of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

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