Day: February 4, 2011

Songs of the spirit

The Washington Post tells the story of a group of young people from the Bokamoso Youth Centre, Winterveldt, South Africa, who are in the Washington, DC area on a cultural exchange.

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Two thumbs down for new Roman missal

Attendees at conferences of the North American Academy of Liturgy and the Catholic Academy of Liturgy in San Francisco are frustrated with the way the new Roman missal is being introduced and are displeased with the quality of the translation. In Ireland, the Association of Catholic Priests calls the missal “sexist, archaic, elitist and obscure,” and they want their Bishops to send it back to Rome.

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Spiking their own guns

Updated. By not showing up, the conservative primates assured that the Primates Meeting will never become the kind of definitive, authoritative council that they dream of.

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More news from Egypt

The Church Times reports on the situation in Egypt, saying that Muslim youths have been guarding the Anglican cathedral in Cairo. An update from the Principal of the Alexandria School of Theology.

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ARCIC III members named

Members of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission will hold the first meeting of the third round of dialogue in May. One of the Anglican members was ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church and helped write “To Set Our Hope on Christ.

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Partners in mission

There can be no question of Anskar’s saintliness, according to the standard of any age of Christendom. His missionary zeal and courage, his uncomplaining patience, his generosity, his spirit of foundation, whether at home or abroad, his austere self-discipline and his diligence in the work of his calling were all striking features of his character. He struggled hard and successfully against two faults,

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