Day: February 8, 2011

80 years old and still fighting

Our long time friend and colleague Nawal el Saadawi is, as would be expected, stalwart with the demonstrators in Tahrir Square. It is wonderful to see her spirit –now eighty, undiminished, ablaze. ~Diana L. Eck

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Ripe for change?

It is impossible to know exactly which embers spark a revolution, but it’s not so hard to measure the conditions that make a country prime for one.

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Be careful what you wish for

Civil rights attorney Brian Barnard said the law could provide a defense for the violation of a variety of laws in the name of faith. “Polygamy is the one that comes to mind, but there are other religious practices,” Barnard said. “Peyote, for example, and the other one is churches, like the Episcopal church, that give wine to minors during the sacrament.”

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Ardent attention

We are told that in Egypt there are brothers who offer up frequent prayers, but that these are very short, like arrows loosed off in rapid succession, for fear that the vigilant, alert attention, so necessary for one who prays, should be weakened or blunted if too long an interval is left between them.

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