Day: March 30, 2011

House of Bishops spring meeting is completed

Yhe Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops concluded its six-day retreat meeting at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, continuing the theme “selection, recruitment and formation of young leaders,” preparing the church for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

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A denomination is dying near you

Denominations feel permanent because they last; they last because they work. The ones that survive manage to capture a way of being Christian that makes sense to people. Ironically, “making sense” to a critical mass of people in a given cultural context may be exactly what ends up infecting a denomination with the disease that eventually kills them.

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Why church is worth the bother

The reasons why church is a frustrating experience are numerous. For many, church can be hard to stomach, and the reasons why are difficult, complex and not easy to answer. But no one said Christianity was easy, or that being part of the Church would be a breeze.

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Thirst for happiness

Every individual instinctively strives for happiness. This desire has been implanted in our nature by the Creator Himself, and therefore it is not sinful. But it is important to understand that in this temporary life it is impossible to find full happiness, because that comes from God and cannot be attained without Him. Only He, who is the ultimate Good and the source of all good, can quench our thirst for happiness.

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