Day: April 8, 2011

Exodus 2.0

See what the Exodus from Egypt would have looked like if Moses had a laptop, Google Maps and Facebook.

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New ministry do-over

Tom Arthur had a chance to serve his first parish twice…a kind of mulligan for ministry. He wonders if that might not be useful for others just starting out in ordained ministries.

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Bosco on lay presidency

Bosco Peters writes on his blog Liturgy about the proposal to institute lay presidency of the eucharist in the Diocese of Sydney of the Anglican Church in Australia.

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Digital Disciple III: Deserted Islands

The opportunities inherent in sharing socially across boundaries of distance are tempered by the dangers of ceding too much of oneself to the virtual world. Following Jesus Christ involves locating our identities first and foremost in the God who breathes those identities into our very souls. If we allow too much of our identities to escape into the ether of the virtual world, there may not be enough left to escape into God.

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Views on politics and war

The election of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States, was an event of great interest to Dr. Muhlenberg, and through some of its issues formed a rather remarkable episode, both in his own life and in that of the Hospital.

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