Day: April 15, 2011

Towards a common date for Easter

This year Easter will be celebrated on the same day in both the Western and Eastern churches. The next time that happens will be 2017. Work continues to find a common date for Easter.

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Faith and politics round up

People of faith are speaking out on the burden the federal budget places on the poor; Liberty University gets more federal aid than the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but did not want their students to know that; the UK bans the export to the US of the drugs used for lethal injections.

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National Day of Silence

The National Day of Silence will be observed in more than 8,000 high school and colleges today and in many other places unofficially.

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A visit to Molokai

I had a lovely sail up. Captain Cameron and Mr. Gilfillan, both born in the States, yet the first still with a strong Highland, and the second still with a strong Lowland accent, were good company; the night was warm, the victuals plain but good. . . . Presently we came up with the leper promontory: lowland, quite bare and bleak and harsh, a little town of wooden houses, two churches, a landing-stair, all unsightly, sour, northerly, lying athwart the sunrise, with the great wall of the pali cutting the world out on the south.

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