Day: May 23, 2011

New clergy and that first call

When the honeymoon is over and the pastor notices resistance among congregants, he or she is tempted to succumb to self-doubt, anxiety, or feelings of alienation. The most effective new pastors see this period of mutual disillusionment and congregational resistance as an opportunity for spiritual and professional growth.

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What Harold Camping got right

Writing for the Huffington Post, Phil Cooke points out that Harold Camping did a much better job getting his message out there than most religious denominations, including ours, have done.

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Diocese responds to catastrophic tornado in Joplin

As needs are defined, we, the Diocese of West Missouri, will respond with all speed and will muster all available resources. Financial contributions to assist with immediate and long-term needs may be sent to the diocesan office, checks made payable to Diocese of West Missouri, with note, “Joplin Tornado Relief Fund.”.

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Rapture wrap up

And when the dust has settled and the jokes are over, the collateral damage of Judgment Day Gone Bust are all those folks who now have even more evidence to convince them they know enough about being a Christian not to want to be one. And who could blame them?

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It’s Anglican Covenant Week here at Episcopal Cafe

As the Anglican Covenant picks up support from provinces across the globe, we thought it might be a good time for Episcopalians to think once again about the nature of the document they may be asked to put their church’s name to at our General Convention in 2012

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Anglican Covenant Week: The holy mess that is Section Four

Agreeing to an undefined, unspecified process in which the decision-making bodies have full discretion to act in any manner they deem best–not only as to the process but as to the standard and burden of proof, information considered, and all other aspects of the dispute resolution system–is what the covenant contemplates. There is no procedural due process and no substantive due process guaranteed by the covenant.

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The Earth moves

I can reckon easily enough, Most Holy Father, that as soon as certain people learn that in these books of mine which I have written about the revolutions of the spheres of the world I attribute certain motions to the terrestrial globe, they will immediately shout to have me and my opinion hooted off the stage.

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