Day: June 20, 2011


The Very Rev. Sam Candler, dean of St. Philip’s Cathedral in Atlanta was not elected Bishop of Washington on Saturday. Here is the gracious way

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The hypocrisy of Archbishop Dolan

Dolan insists that marriage between a man and a woman is “hard-wired” by God and nature. But the church refuses to acknowledge that homosexuality may be hard-wired by God and nature as well, and is not a lifestyle choice.

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Morning Grounding

It is a good thing to open the day with a cry of love, a commitment to trust that God’s love is underneath all that is.

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Cycling through the Digital Reformation

He is, I would suggest, one of the Great Listeners of the Digital Reformation, the evidence of which is not his laconic status updates and posts but the number of times his wall reads “Bruce commented on [someone’s] status” or “Bruce wrote on [someone’s] wall.”

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