Day: June 23, 2011

Hating: Ethically

Hating ethically means accepting our hatred, but working hard on how we actually express it. How might this work in practice?

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1/3 of U.S. giving goes to religious groups

More than a third of donations go to religious groups, while education accounts for 14 percent, giving to foundations makes up 11 percent, human services receives 9 percent, health picks up 8 percent and public society groups 8 percent.

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Release the report: it’s fair play

If the report is not released until spring, and if it states that we cannot adopt the covenant without making constitutional and canonical changes, advocates for the covenant will have a fairly compact window in which to draft legislation and organize support.

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Samuel’s Warning

In our reading from 1 Samuel today, Samuel warns the people what they will get if they choose a king to rule over them rather than choosing God’s rule. The king will have retainers and advance men, laborers for his benefit and for the means of war, luxuries and prime real estate, the best of everything and a piece of everyone’s possessions. The ruler will disburse his wealth and power among his own class, among the wealthy and powerful.

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What the Bible really says about slavery

The debate over what the Bible says about slavery is a matter of more than academic interest to proponents of LGBT equality. If the Bible is “wrong” on slavery, that is, if it seems to permit it, then aren’t we free to believe that it is “wrong” on the morality of same-sex relationships?

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