Day: July 4, 2011

The return of Saint James

I was talking to the organist after the service when a woman walked in asking the time of the service. We made her feel welcome … and invited her to have refreshments with the rest of us. As it happens, she is a Roman Catholic living in Penn Hills and looking for a more welcoming place to worship than she experienced in her own church.

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Rip up the pews and encourage real participation

The pews have gone, and the seats are arranged in an oval. There is no organ – both it and the pews were casualties of a fire some years ago – a godly fire in my view. I consider organ music too loud, too powerful – it alienates, cows. Instead, the liturgy is accompanied by a piano.

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everyone. Expect light posting today. But if you are looking for some good reading, visit America’s Sacred Ground, the Huffington Post’s July 4 collection.

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Integrity’s President, a UK native, reflects on July 4

We are being asked to sign on to an agreement which was basically created because some of the other former British colonies don’t like what we are doing, even though we have followed our own discernment process to the letter. Now the SCCC has declared that it is “of the view that adoption of the current draft Anglican Covenant has the potential to change the constitutional and canonical framework of TEC.

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Monday, July 4

Rise up, O LORD; set me free, O my God; * surely, you will strike all my enemies across the face, you will break the

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