Day: July 7, 2011

Church of Nigeria honors The Episcopal Church

The Church of Nigeria General Synod met in late June. The program included a Renewal of Ordination Vows, and a Renewal of the Baptismal Covenant from The Episcopal Church 1979 Book of Common Prayer. It is especially heart warming for another province to join us in the embrace of the baptismal covenant as historic, orthodox and a pillar of our expression of belief.

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Stand up for families

Imagine you are a lawful permanent resident of the United States. If you filed your petition in 2002, your wife and young child would have waited until 2007 to be granted their visas. During those five years you must reside predominantly in the U.S due to your permanent legal resident status and your wife and child, due to their pending application, are not permitted to travel to the U.S

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Bishop of Nevada on history of how Parry was received as priest

As I review what was done 2002 – 2004, I find no fault with the actions of any of our people, lay or ordained. The bishop, priests, and lay people of Nevada kept children safe and they were true to our belief that people can be redeemed. It is ironic that some have taken this incident as a pretext to attack Bishop Katharine for laxity in enforcing rules for the safety of children. No bishop has ever done so much to rid our diocese of clergy misconduct or to establish and enforce rules to preserve healthy boundaries. – Bishop Edwards

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Technology to aid the autistic has other uses

Baron-Cohen has already seen the benefits in his studies of people with Asperger’s syndrome at the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge, UK. “It’s not a miracle cure,” he says, but people equipped with Picard’s technology were learning extra social skills. Baron-Cohen says the wearers retained some ability to read emotions accurately after they removed the glasses.

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The prayer of the heart

Serenity is not removal from the storm but peace within the storm. Centering prayer must never become “self-centering prayer.” Rather it is an attempt to pay attention to the inescapable presence of God, which grounds our very existence. The mercy of God comes as an unbidden gift, not because God ever leaves us, but because we choose to turn away.

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Making it hard for young people to explore a priestly vocation

I believe I have earned my right to be skeptical about the design of most of those bureaucratic contraptions called “our ordination process,” whose successive models seem to need constant tinkering, only to replaced altogether as yet another ecclesiastical lemon. In many cases they have proved to be grim deterrents to young people exploring a call to the priesthood.

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