Day: July 11, 2011

Stability, Conversion of Life, and Obedience

Today is the feast of St. Benedict. Benedict’s rule of life has brought focus and balance to centuries of Christians wishing to live an authentic and healthy life. Benedict’s rule structures each day as being grounded in liturgical prayer and spiritual reading, with plenty of time for rest, for work, for eating, and for building relationship. The three promises of the Benedictine rule are promises of stability, obedience and amendment of life.

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CPG does right thing, hopes no one notices

In June the Church Pension Fund Trustees voted that the Pension Fund would begin providing “parity of benefits for legally-married same-gender spouses,” to come into effect July 1, 2011. The CPF sent out a letter to that effect this last week.

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Moving II: Home is where …

The other day Jim, my husband, said, “I don’t know where home is anymore.” We are continuing the process of selling our home of over 30 years where we raised our three children. We have a home to move to but are in transition, still spending time in one place, keeping it up and tidy for prospective buyers. Often when we wake up in the night we can’t remember where we are.

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