Day: July 13, 2011

Imagination a key to organizational change

What if we could step outside the way we think about organizations; what might we imagine? Imagining other ways of working together is a challenge because the images we consciously and unconsciously hold of organizations are powerful.

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Marketing to the heartland?

Faith is a massive tenet of America, not just in the Heartland. Notice I didn’t say Christianity? Although that’s certainly the most prevalent, it’s the basic faith in God or a spiritual power that leads us to contemplate our existence here on earth and what happens after we die.

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“Dream Sabbath” campaign launched

“The DREAM Act points to a moral good — access to education. Young people, having graduated from high school and having done no wrong, should not be barred from access to college loans, grants and scholarships simply because of the actions of their parents,” ~ Bishop David C. Jones

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Betty Ford remembered as more than just first lady

She was more than just a first lady, admirers said of Betty Ford. She was a role model for every presidential wife who followed her into the White House, not to mention a tireless advocate for women’s rights and other causes that improved the lives of millions.

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Fr. Cutié – why he matters

The face of the Episcopal Church is rapidly changing. Latinos presently constitute one of – if not the – fastest growing segments of the Episcopal Church. This parallels broader shifts in U.S. demographics.

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