Day: August 4, 2011

POTUS moves to improve response to atrocities

The President’s directive creates an important new tool in this effort, establishing a standing interagency Atrocities Prevention Board with the authority to develop prevention strategies and to ensure that concerns are elevated for senior decision-making so that we are better able to work with our allies and partners to be responsive to early warning signs and prevent potential atrocities.

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Philippines “not in favor” of Anglican Covenant

The Episcopal Church of the Philippines Council of Bishops noted that the document provides for the creation of a Standing Committee that will be the “Supreme Court” as it were, for the Anglican Communion to lord it over all Anglican Provinces. This, to the Council is very un-Anglican because of the autonomous nature of each Anglican Province. Hence, we are not in favor of the document.

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Wounded by God

What is exceedingly strange about the story of Jacob and the angel is that most of us don’t think of God as our adversary–certainly not one we could fight with and win. Moreover, for many of us, our relationship with God is a place of safety, comfort, and security. We are wounded enough already!

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Five smooth stones

David sent someone to inquire about the woman. It was reported, “This is

Bathsheba daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” 2 Samuel 11:1-27

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