Day: August 12, 2011

Preaching to their own choirs

Rob Bell’s recent book “Love Wins” stirred up controversy when he questioned the existence of hell. Other books have popped up in response. No matter which side the writers are on, they are pretty much preaching to their own choir.

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Study explores educational level and religiosity

After analyzing data from a large national survey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist Philip Schwadel found that people actually tend to become more religious – by some definitions, at least – as they further their education.

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A church, a shul and a mosque

In Omaha, Nebraska, a synagogue, a mosque and an Episcopal Church are being built on land the three communities purchased together. The Tri-Faith Initiative is an experiment in intentional religious co-existence.

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“Christian” faith and politics: having the conversation

Are we all talking about the same party when we say we are followers of Jesus, the Christ? Is it possible even to have that conversation? Absent any agreed- on source of authority, we are left with Christians of different political stripes hurling accusations at each other, saying, “Well, these people are not real Christians.”

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John Chilton goes back to college

John has a probing, analytical intellect, a gift for spotting the weaknesses in an argument, and he is a hell of a proofreader. He brought a clarity of thinking, a freshness of perspective, a breadth of interests and subtle wit to his work on The Lead, and we are going to miss him.

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Lectio with Bartimaeus

Whenever I read the story of Bartimaeus, something settles deep inside of me. This was the story that I first used when I was taught how to pray the scriptures using the ancient Benedictine method of Lectio Divina.

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