Day: August 15, 2011

Nice work

Today’s Daily Scan, which we receive courtesy of Neva Rae Fox in the Episcopal Church’s Office of Public Affairs is full of news that Episcopalians can be proud of.

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The god of the gut

Yes, you can eat meat as a Christian and not sin. But no form of cruelty to animals is consistent with a biblical worldview.

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Anglican liturgy group offers views on same-gender blessings

One session was set aside from the regular work of the IALC in response to a formal request from the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music of The Episcopal Church (USA) – TEC – so that representatives from that Standing Commission could hear from IALC members in response to that Province’s exploratory theological rationale and liturgical principles for the development of rites for the blessing of committed same gender relationships.

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Taxpayer-funded discrimination

World Vision’s leaders maintain the right to “consider religion in its hiring.” That’s a pretty mild way of putting what you find on their job descriptions, which includes “attend and participate in daily devotions and weekly Chapel services,” even for positions like “website support team supervisor.”

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Why churches prefer loving mercy to doing justice?

For one thing, churches are populated mostly by middle-class people, who are relatively comfortable. And ministers of these institutions value stability more than mission. We professional leaders are reluctant to do anything that would cause conflict or controversy in our churches, fearing an institutional split — or at the very least, a reduction of gifts to the church.

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