Day: September 21, 2011

Religious dialogue a key to release of U.S. hikers

The Sept. 21 release of U.S. hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal from an Iranian prison “affirms the importance of the role of religious dialogue and its end product in this case,

public diplomacy, as we seek ways to define common ground between our two countries,” said Bishop John Chane

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Counting the tithe

An important question to consider as many churches begin to enter stewardship season: Does the tithe count if some of the 10% does not go to the church?

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Using email to reach out to visitors

While visiting churches in their new area, they may spend one Sunday at yours. The impression they get that morning is how they’ll decide to come back or not… unless you find a way to give them a bigger picture—like e-mail.

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Defending the status quo?

When confronted with a new idea, do you:

Consider the cost of switching before you consider the benefits? Highlight the pain to a few instead of the benefits for the many? . . .

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Diocese of Central Ecuador leadership to resign

For the “sake of the diocese” the leadership of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Ecuador – including members of the Standing Committee, Bishop Luis Fernando Ruiz, the chancellor, its legal representative and all other diocesan leaders – have agreed to resign by Oct. 1.

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