Day: October 11, 2011

Being (an evangelical) Christian and gay

If you are an active Christian in an evangelical church, a graduate of a major American evangelical college, and gay, where would go to tell other students and graduates of your school that it is possible to be both gay and Christian?

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Young Christians leaving church and why

Why do young Christians leave the church? The Barna Group says young people who experience judgmental, overprotective, exclusive churches that are also unfriendly towards doubters leave Christianity behind. They also don’t hang around congregations that are antagonistic to science and offer a shallow Christian experience.

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Clergy retire later, work longer

David Briggs, writing in the Huffington Post, says that clergy are retiring later and working longer for the same reason as the rest of the workforce–they can’t afford it.

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Zimbabwe: not schism but thuggery

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, the Most Rev. Dr. Thabo Makgoba, says the dispute within the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe was “a result not of schism but of thuggery.”

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Articulating the Word

All of today’s readings in the Daily Office seem to reflect on the complexities of speaking God’s Word prophetically.

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A Godless Bible?

“I want to show people the distilled wisdom of humanity reflecting on its own humanity, and to show that that is every bit as beautiful and powerful as the religious texts are, and in many ways much better.”

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