Day: October 24, 2011

Invisible children: in South Africa, and here at home

Today we don’t have to go to Africa to find poor children. Fully one quarter of American kids live in poverty. And they are not easily seen – even in Newark, whose downtown landscape is dominated by the Prudential Center and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. I don’t know if kids are starving, but they certainly are hungry.

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Making new neighbors to love

“I must confess my sin to you.” Sitting down with tears in his eyes he said, “ I did not know about gay people. I have been wrong in what I have thought about you. Now I will go and tell people. I have a platform. I am a teacher. I will tell my people that we have been wrong about gay people. I am so sorry.”

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A bishop reflects on the consultation in South Africa

Today I hope to roll out some of the first videos, columns and sermons from participants in the recently concluded consultation in Durban, South Africa among African Anglicans, Episcopalians and some interfaith friends on issues of justice and human sexuality. First up is a video that Bishop Jeff Lee of Chicago sent home to the people of his diocese.

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Sowing Seed

There is something comforting about the example of the sower in the parable. The sower works with a relaxed extravagance, as if there is all the seed in the world.

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Mission. In your own words.

Those who advance this reasoning are attempting to turn an argument about authority and accountability, in which they would have to acknowledge their self interest, into an argument about who cares more about poor people, in which they can appear to act entirely on behalf of others. If this ruse were slicker, I might have to admire it,

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