Day: November 21, 2011

Shrinking the church for Jesus

Pastors and churches spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year attending conferences, buying books, hiring consultants, advertisers and marketers, all to try and accomplish one thing: to increase attendance — to be a bigger church. I’m absolutely convinced this is the wrong tack.

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Reaching out to the “spiritual but not religious”

We tend to think our friends and neighbors don’t come here because they’re not interested. It doesn’t occur to us that they stay away because they don’t think we’ll help them attend to the big questions they have to ask. From the outside, we look more interested in organizing taffy pulls than prayer groups. The people who avoid us do so not because we are too spiritual but because they see us as not spiritual enough.

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Online evangelism: who does it well?

We are wondering what sorts of brief—because brevity is the soul of web-based communications—materials you have seen that effectively introduce Jesus, and our church, to people who aren’t going to sit still for explanations of the substitutionary theory of atonement, or pocket lectures on Richard Hooker and the three-legged stool.

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Breaking: Ga. Supreme Court says Christ, Savannah belongs to TEC

The First Amendment allows CCS and its members to leave the Episcopal Church and worship as they please, like all other Americans, but it does not allow them to take with them property that has for generations been accumulated and held by a constituent church of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

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