Day: December 20, 2011

Protestors to end occupation
at St. Paul’s

Occupy London protesters are ready to leave St Paul’s early next year in exchange for a scaled-down presence outside the cathedral and a “symbolic tent” within. The end of a saga that polarised the Church of England, and saw the hundreds campaigning against corporate greed championed and vilified in equal measure, began last night when protesters started debating the issue.

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Occupy, Trinity and the meaning of “private property”

[N]o Christian church is – on the very terms of its theological existence – permitted to fall back on the mere invocation of “private property” without also a theological conversation about the spiritual significance of what that concept means and how it is being used.

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Advent Greetings

The Episcopal Church has been running videos with Advent greetings and “Welcome to the Episcopal Church” messages this month.

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Intuitive openness and acceptance of the Spirit’s yearning for us is an ancient path for God’s creative activity.

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