2011 saw membership growth in 33 dioceses

Thirty-three diocese of the Episcopal Church showed membership growth in 2011 according to statistic released today by The Research Office of the Episcopal Church

Among the findings in the media release from the Office of Public Affairs:

– In 2011, membership in the Episcopal Church is 2,096,389 with 1,923,046 in the domestic (50 U.S. states) dioceses and 173,343 in the non-domestic (non U.S. states) dioceses.

– Twenty-seven domestic dioceses showed growth in membership in the past year: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Dallas, Fort Worth, Maine, Maryland, Navajo Missions, Nevada, North Carolina, Northern Michigan, Northwest Texas, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Quincy, South Carolina, South Dakota, Southeast Florida, Southwestern Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, West Tennessee, West Missouri, Wyoming.

– In the non-domestic dioceses, growth in membership was marked in six dioceses: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador-Litoral, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Venezuela.

– The Average Sunday Attendance table shows a total for the Episcopal Church of 698,376, with 657,837 in the U.S. dioceses.

– The largest active congregational membership in a domestic diocese remains St. Martin’s, Houston this year marking 8,480.

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