Day: September 4, 2012

On being a feminist

If they knew me, they would know that I don’t fit into their distorted stereotype of what a feminist looks like, that I don’t hate men or burn bras or crave power, that I—like most feminist—simply believe that women are human and should be treated as such.

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The Jesus Gap

Growing up, I believed that Jesus cared mostly about my heart. Of course, he cared about whether or not I was nice. But in the end, Jesus’ biggest concern centered on having a “relationship with me.” ~Derek Penwell

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Here is an evocative passage about the meekness that enlightens, from the 7th century monastic John Climacus:

The light of dawn comes before the sun, and meekness is the precursor of all humility…

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Is e-mail the new “parking lot”?

Effective communication during a conflicted situation requires an extra dose of care and attention, especially if you are using an electronic, computer-based system to communicate to hurting, angry, or suspicious people.

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