Day: September 9, 2012

Bless the Lord, O my soul

Thanking our contributors, Lowell Grisham, Linda Ryan, Maria Evans, Bill Carroll, Ian McAlister, and Molly Wolf, who keep Speaking to the Soul filled with thoughtful

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Justin Welby new odds on favorite for ABC

An Eton-educated former oil executive has emerged as the unlikely frontrunner to succeed Rowan Williams as the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby has been a bishop for less than a year, but senior Anglican sources claim the committee responsible for making the appointment is preparing to overlook his inexperience to recommend him for the Church of England’s top job . – Sunday Times of London

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Bless the Lord, my soul

AM Psalm 103 Rev. 14:1-7,13 “Bless the Lord, my soul” is one of my favorites. It’s because this Psalm reminds me that all the Psalms

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