Day: January 20, 2013

Dean Hall preaches on MLK & opposing gun violence

As the National Cathedral, we are a visible faith community in a symbolic building. …. We represent what is best in American civic life—we stand at the intersection of faithful and civic values. It is vital that we use our visibility and our symbolic role to keep the need for gun control squarely in the public eye. …. We can make Washington National Cathedral a visible focus of our shared commitment and so help end our national tragic scourge of gun violence.

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Economic inequality, one of MLK’s main concerns, is still with us

Martin Luther King, Jr., died before he could lead the Poor People’s Campaign. Forty-five years later, poverty continues to flourish in our wealthy nation. Writing in The New York Times, Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stigliz argues that even viewed in strictly economic terms, economic inequalities have begun to undermine the promise of American life

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I have called you by name

AM Psalm 148, 149, 150; PM Psalm 114, 115 Isa. 43:14-44:5 Heb. 6:17-7:10 Kirkepiscatoid. Dr. Evans recently returned from a mission trip from the Diocese

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