Day: February 4, 2013

Should a dying church be repurposed?

Could repurposing a church revive a church and help spawn new life through becoming a center for religious and cultural life? Doubling as a coffee shop and a church? Doubling as a library and a church? Doubling as a cultural center and a church? It is an exciting idea, but it is not a new one.

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Ray Lewis, good linebacker, bad theologian

If God is for us, that doesn’t mean there’s an equal and opposite person that God is against. It just doesn’t work that way since God is “for” everyone who seeks God out and takes even the most tentative step toward relationship.

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Reversals and Blessings

Once they were powerless, like slaves. Now they can speak to God as Jesus did, saying “Abba! Father!” because “God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts.”

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Making a place

by Kathy Staudt I haven’t posted in awhile because for the last three quarters of 2012, I was in the process of moving, from the

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