Day: July 18, 2013

In church leadership, are women undermining women?

Time and again, in parishes large and small, it’s often women who make it hard for women to lead. The interesting thing about this dynamic is that the women who object to “strong” women are not just “strong” as well, but are overbearing bullies or passive-aggressive bullies who object to a woman who is more self-possessed.

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Our Yay

Communion was served and the post communion prayer recited. Then, just after the priest gave the blessing and we all said “Amen,” again, the little voice rose from the back of the church, “Yay!”

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Vocation means being a human being

… calling may be as simple, yet still important, as picking up a piece of trash when you see it, taking a shopping cart or two from the parking lot when you enter a grocery store, or doing the dishes while everyone else enjoys drinks and conversation

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