Year: 2014

Cover of Kurtis Blow's 1979 single, Christmas Rappin'

Christmas Rappin’

Writing on Medium, Larry Wallace shares a long-form piece on the first Christmas-themed hip-hop single, and the third hip-hop song released on a label, Kurtis

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Reforming ourselves

The Religion News Service reports that one of two police officers shot and killed in Brooklyn this weekend was about to graduate a training program

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A Christmas miracle?

In the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, attention has returned to the story of a Christmas truce between enemy forces

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The Archbishop and marriage equality

A married London vicar has  responded with “surprise” to Archbishop Justin Welby’s words about “bridging” divisive opinions regarding marriage equality in the church. In a first-person

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Messianic Judaism

On Medium, writer Paul Spinrad writes about Messianic Judaism as a modern movement with historical connections to the early church, when there were people of Jewish

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