Day: December 13, 2015

Trickster’s Advent

What God did that night in Bethlehem was different and creative and risky. “Would it be crazy if we joined them as a human…?”

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Listening for the counter-melody of faith

Because of this otherness, spiritual practices both satisfy a yearning to connect with the music of our life, while at the same time, fuel a yearning to be in a group who shares and rehearses this sense of otherness. We can say “I’m spiritual” as a result of a practice, but until we connect with others in a meaningful way, we don’t hear how our part fits into an even bigger spiritual picture.

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Speaking to the Soul: Gaudete Anyway!

It’s really about our counterfeit lives, the ways we choose violence over love, our unrealistic expectations. We can let those things fall to the floor. It’s safe to let them be burned. What remains is the full human you were created to be.

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