Day: December 26, 2015

Just whose building is it?

The area near the city of Christchurch New Zealand suffered a 7.1 earthquake on 4 SEP 2010 at 4:10 am. Again on 12 FEB 2011 at 12:51 pm the area around Christchurch experienced a 6.3 earthquake. One iconic building that suffered damage in the first quake and then more so in the second quake, was Christ Church Cathedral, the cathedral church of the Diocese of Christchurch, which sat on Cathedral Square in the heart of the city.

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Three Faiths in One Building

A priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a building, it could be the start of something beautiful! The House of One, the three Abrahamic faiths together in the same building, is to be built on the land that has been occupied by a church, built and rebuilt since the 13th Century.

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Spanish artist paints his personal Sistine Chapel

Spanish artist Okuda (Oscar) San Miguel has painted the inside of an abandoned church, St Barbara’s, in Llanera, a town in the Spanish principality of Asturias in Northern Spain. The murals adorn the conversion of the church, that has been unused for the past 10 years, into a skateboard park.

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