Day: January 7, 2016

SGS for Healing, St. George’s School reach agreement though day includes new revelation

As a result of an agreement reached this afternoon between St. George’s School and the Alumni/Victim Group “SGS for Healing,” the Board of Trustees has announced that it will retain a third-party independent investigator to be agreed upon by the parties in order to oversee a comprehensive investigation of sexual abuse at St. George’s School. – St. George’s School

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About those headmasters at St. George’s

In addition to serving on the Governing Board of the National Association of Episcopal Schools from 1992-2000 (as Vice President from 1995-1996 and President from 1996-2000), the Rev. George E. Andrews II was the recipient of the Ruth Jenkins Award for Outstanding Service to NAES in 2004. Rev. Andrews has continued his involvement and commitment to Episcopal education by maintaining associations with key constituencies, enabling him to remain connected with the issues and trends in Episcopal school chaplaincy and to cultivate a wide network on behalf of chaplain search efforts.

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One Commenter answers why the Communion might be important

Well, dear friends, it is important because in spite of all the hard feelings and anathemas being hurled at various churches, in spite of colonial history, there are residual feelings of real companionship in the Gospel and real hopes for engagement in common mission.

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Epiphany – what really went down?

“There are plenty of things about the story which might make us instinctively treat it as just another part of the constellation of Christmas traditions, which does not have very much connection with reality.” But maybe…

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