Day: January 9, 2016

Letter to the Archbishops of the Church of England ahead of Primates’ Meeting

Over 100 Senior Anglicans, including the Dean of St Paul’s, have signed an open letter to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York calling on the Church of England to repent of its ‘second class citizen’ treatment of Christians over issues of sexuality. The letter, signed by a range of senior church figures including Cathedral Deans, retired bishops and well-known lay figures (including leading parliamentary figures and university academics), has been sent to the Archbishops ahead of a pivotal meeting of worldwide Anglican Leaders which begins in Canterbury on Monday.

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This is the Voice!

If you’ve ever watched the US singing competition The Voice, you will recognize that as the show’s tagline. There is also a UK version of The Voice airing on BBC One. The new year’s competition begins tonight, Saturday 9 JAN. One of the performers will be a priest in the Church of England, the Revd John Barron.

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Something with which to take their minds off other issues

The Primates are to begin meetings on Monday, 11 JAN. If they get to England early and find themselves with time on their hands, perhaps they will take a moment to wander the grounds at Canterbury Cathedral and venture to see a visiting Roman Catholic relic, the crosier of Pope Gregory I.

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