Day: January 19, 2016

From our friends to the north

It was not open to him, argued Dr Hiltz, to offer to suffer the same consequences alongside his brother bishop, since this would preempt the decisions of the Anglican Church of Canada’s own General Synod this July.

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Anglican Covenant Design Group lawyer: Primates can’t require

“I find it utterly extraordinary,” the director of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff University, Professor Norman Doe, said on Tuesday. “No instrument exists conferring upon the Primates’ meeting the jurisdiction to ‘require’ these things. . . Whatever they require is unenforceable.”

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Curry isn’t coming …

“The realization that YOU weren’t coming to St. Paul’s to lead us outside the church was a jolt. We concluded that if we truly believed in your message, WE would have to become the agents of evangelism within our community.”

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