Year: 2016

Popping collars #51: In our image

Popping Collars is back for its third season! In this premiere episode, Betsy, Greg, Liz, and Sarah talk about the new HBO series WESTWORLD. Where is the humanity in a world populated by robots?

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Australian security forces foil terrorist Christmas Day plot

This past month, NOV 2016, ISIS featured the Anglican Cathedral in Melbourne Australia as a potential target for home-grown terrorists. In the video ISIS encouraged someone, anyone, to target the cathedral. Just a few days prior to Christmas, 400 combined forces in Australia acted upon 5 arrest warrants to arrest 6 men and a woman who were engaged in planning a plot to explode devices on or about Christmas day.

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My favorite songs, hymns & carols

There are many songs, carols and hymns that are related to Christmas that I thoroughly love. I especially love them in new and exciting formats or presentations. My favorite being acapella.

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