Year: 2017

Looking ahead, the new year and beyond

There’s something about a new year that invites a reckoning.  We want to understand what has happened, we want to imagine what might lie ahead, and we make commitments to change ad do differently.  How successful we are at these surely varies, but that won’t stop us from peering into the tea leaves.

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Priest Pulse New Year Special

Bonus holiday episode! With Byron Borger, owner of Hearts and Minds Bookstore in Dallastown, Pennsylvania, talking about why books matter, Amazon’s evil, shop local, John Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes, the reformation, using tech wisely with children and youth, and more.

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2FAB #77: Isaiah 40-55

In this last episode for 2017, Luci and Jordan continue with second Isaiah, the part of Isaiah referencing the period of Babylonian exile

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2017 in review

It’s farewell to 2017 (some might say good riddance) but there was grace and glory too; here are the big stories from the Café in 2017

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Saint Sylvester

The bishops remained loyal to him, and the church grew in power because Sylvester allowed another to take the lead and receive the glory. Sylvester didn’t lose sight of the fact that to live a humble and holy life was more important than living a life of glorious successes.

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The importance of Anna

Have you ever had a moment where your mind was a bit muddled or you were trying hard to actually come up with something nebulous that has been teasing your brain for a while?

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Chaplains for Sports Teams

“I’ve read studies that suggest the presence of a chaplain can make a difference without saying anything,” she said. “Just being aware that someone is there helps.”

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Power Failure

It is tempting when in proximity to power to become wrapped up in it, to see that power as the only way to achieve one’s ends and to accept the idea that to have access to that power one must curry favor.

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