Year: 2018

A New Start

“We have a better chance of being disciplined and succeeding if we are doing it to stay healthy and balanced for our God and the mission of the Kingdom on earth. And for living our lives more intentionally as Jesus taught us in Scripture.”

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2018 In Review

It’s a busy world out there, with a lot going on. It can be challenging to discern in the daily flow of events what might end up mattering the most down the road. But we’ll try anyway; here’s our roundup of what we thought were the stories we’ll be looking back on in the future. 

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The Word Became Flesh

Christians have no monopoly on Truth.  And yet we do have a true testimony to the One who is the Truth.  For us, the Truth is not a rule book, nor a set of true doctrines, but a Person.

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Speaking to the Soul: Glory

God’s grace and mercy have never left us, passing over us and shielding us from more than we can imagine; but how much glory can we handle, human as we are?

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Continuing Christmas

“I think I need Christmas to remind me that all year, even without beautiful colored lights and smells of evergreens, there is still a bit of Christmas inside, like the coals of a banked fire just waiting to be fanned into life again.”

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