Year: 2018

And the Spirit Came and Strengthened Him

“But we are in Advent, the time of waiting, expecting, the time of contemplation and meditation and prayer. What we can learn from this reading is that prayer is not empty or useless. It is the dynamic communication we have with our God. And we are his.”

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Garments of Salvation

But vestments mean more than looking pretty, don’t they?  The beauty of our worship is meant to invite us to share in the beauty of God.  As the Psalm says, we are to “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” 

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What Should We Do Then?

“I know that I am something of a hard case when it comes to really following God, but I suspect that I am not alone. You, too, may have made some false, even foolish, starts in your effort to “prepare a way for the Lord,” to make it possible for God to come and live with you and be a revolutionary force for change.”

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Anglicans in Japan push for nuclear free world

The Nippon Sei Ko Kai (NSKK) – the Anglican Communion in Japan – is to host an International Forum for a Nuclear-Free World. The forum will be held in Sendai, with field-work in Fukushima – scene of the March 2011 earthqauke-induced nuclear disaster

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Labyrinths – an Advent Exercise

“I know that the times that I have walked labyrinths, I found it to be a calming experience, one that allows me to just be empty in my mind and not having to concentrate on running into somebody on the sidewalk or reaching a corner and having to stop to allow traffic to go by.”

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Curry named Religion Newsmaker of the Year

“Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, whose riveting sermon at the royal wedding ‘stole the show,’ according to the British press, and raised his profile as a progressive religious voice” was named Religion Newsmaker of the Year by members of the Religion News Association.

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