Year: 2019

A Prayer for New Year’s Eve

“This night holds so much light and darkness, joy and grief, welcome and loss, hope and despair, dreams realized and dreams lost, and on this night and in the year to come through it all you hold us, ushering us into a new year
where your presence, grace, and love, forgiveness, and redemption never wavers.”

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Two Healings

“Let’s catch up. There was Christmas, the Feasts of St. Stephan and St. John, the horror of Holy Innocents, (not over yet. Think U.S./Mexican border), and we have Circumcision and Epiphany yet to go. But now it is just plain “Saint” Monday. Let’s look at 1 Kings 17:17-24 and John 4:46-54. They are both healings. The first by Elijah, the second by Jesus.”

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Art can save lives

Art has a power to move us in ways that intellectual knowledge or physical action cannot do. Music, stories, performance and visual art somehow manage to connect us with feelings buried deep inside ourselves, or in empathy with others beyond us.

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The Word Became Flesh

“It is here on earth, in this world of corruption, evil, sorrow and darkness, that Christ meets us and claims us.  When we receive him — when we see everything that exists in the light of a transformative love — we become children not of the desires and needs of the ego but of God.”

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Remembering the Innocents

“God, bless the children. Comfort and keep them wherever they are and whatever their circumstances. Help those of us who could help find the way to do so quickly, before they have to suffer more than they already have. Change the hearts and minds of those who not only order such punishment on the innocents but who think it’s the best solution to whatever problem they think exists.”

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A Tradition of Blessing

“The oplatek tradition may have made its way into our family because of my parents and grandparents, but I am developing a love of it for how it gives us all the task of considering the blessings we hope for others. From those who seem to be in authority, down to the children we often perceive to be mostly recipients of what we provide, we all need each other’s thoughtful blessing.”

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