Year: 2020

Some Thoughts on Baptism

“Through all of this I was Christ’s.  I’m with Richard Rohr when he says that the Soul is a God-seed (The Universal Christ, 2019).  We are constantly in dialogue with that deep center within that is growing us into “what we will become” (1 John 3:2.)”

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Whatever you need it to be

This circle of greens on the grass near my home caught my attention last week. Was it a Labyrinth?  Was it a Solstice Circle? Was it a Druid Circle? I asked a little old lady on a bench a few feet away.  “What is that?”

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Learning, Wisdom, and Epiphany

“Being wise is often a trait attributed to the elders of a group. There is a recognition that with age comes recognition of the long lives they have lived and the experiences they have had. Until recent generations, most have not had access to advanced educational programs, so their skills have served as their instruction. Many cultures that revere their elders’ wisdom seem to be those who are closer to their roots, the earth, and their traditions.”

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An Epiphany Prayer for Peace

“May we persevere in reflecting your light, Lord Jesus, 
in all we do and say,
by embodying compassion and integrity,
resisting the forces of evil and injustice, 
and serving each other and You in humility and hope.”

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