Year: 2021

Joseph’s Choice

“I wonder how many times any of us
went to bed convinced we knew the right thing,
the sensible thing,
and woke up the next morning
to do exactly the opposite–
because we discovered God had different plans.”

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Sing Out, O Earth!

“Sing out, O Earth—
Gathering yourself beneath the blanket of snow
With the promise of green ready to spring forth 
Like a panther after its prey
Sending winds to set the dogwood blossoms dancing …”

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Cathedral goes all online as Omicron spikes in DC

These numbers cause me to reflect on the moral responsibility of this Cathedral during this difficult time…. To protect the health of everyone in our community, we will shift all Cathedral services online through the holiday season, and the building will be closed to visitors and worshippers for all activities. – Dean Hollerith, Washington National Cathedral

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The longest night

… the twilight womb before the birth
of the Christ, all part
and particular to his Incarnation,
this nurturing dark that precedes
the light of the first new day.

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A Chaplain’s Perspective Essay V: A Barge Boat

As an Emergency Department chaplain who also covers COVID+ intensive care units (thirty-two beds). I am called to serve in crisis ministry situations several times a day. In this way, I am frequently present in times of pain, confusion, loss and death. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and her stages of grief theory continues to provide a valid starting point when understanding and being with those experiencing loss and grief. Today it is commonly understood that for most, the grief journey is not linear (simply one stage to the next) but rather more accurately describes the emotions felt in the “pool of grief”, and these emotions are then experienced in a more haphazard manner. Kubler-Ross identified the emotions of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance within the grief journey.       

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Light Shines in the Darkness

“One of my dreams was to see the aurora borealis. It is still on my bucket list. This amazing display of light illuminates the darkness of the coldest days. Gazing at photos of it reminds me that God illuminates the darkness of our world in spectacular ways. That is what the story of Advent is all about – light penetrating the darkness in sensational and unexpected ways, inviting us to gasp in awe and wonder at the mighty display.”

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Being a Womb

“For us the angel is often not even discernable, let alone understandable.  We cannot see Gabriel among the bright lights and constant noise of contemporary civilization.  Our cell phones get in the way, as do our constant cycles of meetings and obligations.  The only thing we have to guide us and give us the tiniest inkling of hope is prayer.”

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