Year: 2021

RNS: Trump-supporting “Christians” and their Sunday messages

Gibson was onstage Jan. 5 at a “Prayer to Save America” event billed as a combination worship service and rally for Trump the day before congressional certification of the electoral votes. As he described the events of the 6th, Gibson questioned how easily the Capitol was breached, raising debunked assertions that antifa supporters were among the violent mob.

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Who is God?

“As I learned about each person’s story, I began to understand why God appeared to them in those distinctive ways. We were each encountering the elephant and bringing with us our spiritual baggage—bad and good alike. How could we believe that we each beheld a wholly complete vision of God? How do we truly know what God looks like?”

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Nathan LeRud Opinion: In the Name of Jesus?

President Trump is a symptom, not a cause: focusing this moment on him and his maneuvers is precisely what he wants, and risks dulling each of us to the real danger we are in and blinding us to its true source. Many Christians (I count myself among them) have tended to try to get along with our “right-wing” siblings of varying stripes. They are not our enemies, easily dismissed as “crazy people” out there who take to the streets and wield the signs—they are our fathers and mothers, our grandparents, our crazy Uncle Bills, our police officers, our Sunday School teachers and our friends.

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Baptized into the Household of Christ

“Christ, my savior and my companion, hear the distress of your people.  Calm our fears and help us deal with our deep sorrow and our profound anger.  You, who were helpless on the cross, teach us to live with our helplessness.  Teach us to love.  Amen.”

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ENS: Presiding Bishop joins other NCC leaders in call for Trump’s removal from office

For the good of the nation, so that we might end the current horror and prepare the way for binding up the nation’s wounds, we, as leaders of the member communions of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC), believe the time has come for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, to resign his position immediately. If he is unwilling to resign, we urge you to exercise the options provided by our democratic system.

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A Year and Vision

“If I were to gauge the past year (in my own opinion, of course), and if I were to put that gauge onto a Snellen opthalmological scale, I’d put it at about 20/200. I’d practically have to put my nose to the mirror to be able to see a clear reflection.”

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