Year: 2022

Open Entry

“‘It makes me wonder whether John’s words were changed to: though our hearts were locked for fear of (insert self struggle here), Jesus came and stood with us and said, “Peace be with you.”’

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“Women in the Bible were generally an overlooked group unless they were mothers or wives.  We don’t even hear Tabitha’s story very often except in sequential Bible readings.  Stories like hers deserve more hearing to inspire both women and men to act as Jesus taught and Tabitha exemplified.”

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God’s Earrings

“This woman – and God acting through her — reminded me to be grateful, and to continue to believe through all circumstances. Also like Job, it prompted me, again, to pray for enemies and bad people, for hurtful family or friends. Eventually my faith and hope – and living each day, one day at a time — were restored.”

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Good Sheep?

“To brand the lambs – and to give them their vaccines and medicine – the ranch hands will pick a lamb up using both arms. The little guy will fight tooth and nail, wiggle and squirm, and there is nothing at all passive about him. All of the sheep in the pen will jump up and over each other to avoid the helping-hands of the ranchers.”

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