7 weeks of Advent!?

Do you feel that Advent gets lost in the Christmas hype that now begins in late September? Why don’t we go to the medieval roots of Advent when some folks in Europe practiced Advent for 7 weeks!?

Prayers for a 7-week Advent

From the Rev. Canon Frank Logue of the Diocese of Georgia and his “Loose Canon” blog

Victoria and I crafted Prayers of the People for a 7-week Advent that plagiarize freely from the four scripture readings for each of the seven Sundays before Christmas in the Revised Common Lectionary. This ties the prayers closely to the text.

. . .

A Seven-Week Advent?

Since when does Advent have seven weeks you may ask? For centuries of unbroken tradition in the Orthodox Church which keeps the Nativity Fast for the seven weeks before Christmas as it keeps the seven weeks of Lent before Easter. More on the nascent move to recover this tradition in the west is found online here: Rediscover the Seven Sundays of Advent.

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