9/11 remembered online

There are a number of posts remembering the events of Sept. 11th appearing around the web today – and many of them are found on websites of the Episcopal Church blogscape.

The Episcopal News Service writes of how St. Paul’s Chapel (very near to the site of the Twin Towers) and the Church Center staff observed the memorial today:

St. Paul’s hosted a noontime ecumenical service on the eighth anniversary, followed by prayers for healing. Trinity, located at Wall Street and Broadway a few blocks south, hosted a noontime votive Eucharist for peace. At the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., the noontime Holy Eucharist was devoted to 9/11 remembrance on Friday and similar services took place in Episcopal churches nationwide.

At the Episcopal Church Center in New York, the Rev. Brian Grieves celebrated the noon Eucharist. September 11, he said, is one of those events in American history, like President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Pearl Harbor, for which those alive remember where they were and what they were doing when the event took place.

“We all remember events like these personally or through the study of history because of the impacts they make,” he said.

Greg Jones, a frequent contributor, believing that a picture speaks volumes posts a single image.

Kendall Harmon has a number of posts today that deal with the various observances.

Ekklesia reports on how Muslims here in the US are marking the day by taking parts in acts of service and remembrance.

Tobias Haller has a poem.

Jennifer Senior recalls how, three weeks after his public funeral, Fr. Mychel Judge, the Fire Dept. Chaplain who lost his life in the rescue efforts at the Twin Towers, was remembered by the people who knew him best during a service at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd of General Seminary.

Are there some other notable ones that you’ve noticed?

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