A dumb, depressing document from Peter Akinola and his Church

Updated, Friday 10:00 p.m.: Andrew Brown has weighed in. Remember when a similar bill was first introduced in 2006 and Martyn Minns and a host of conservative bloggers asserted that there was no evidence that Archbishop Akinola actually supported it? Turns out that this time around, the Church of Nigeria is actually busing people to the hearings to support the legislation.

Meanwhile, Simon has updated his post with the text of the legislation. [PDF here.] More: Lionel Deimel has done us the service of providing more legible versions of the bill and Akinola’s statement suitable for cutting and pasting (other versions to this point have been image files).


Simon Sarmiento of Thinking Anglicans has received a five-page document (PDF here), signed by Peter Akinola and submitted by the Church of Nigeria in support of legislation that would outlaw same sex marriage, which is already illegal. It is a chilling document, especially the part where Akinola weighs in on just how long the prison sentences for the witnesses of gay marriages should be.

Why does the Anglican Communion continue to attempt to accommodate a man who, by his own admission, has very little use for human rights, and who has yet to answer pressing questions about his knowledge of a well-planned massacre of some 660 Muslims? Pluralist’s suggestion is looking better all of the time: Expel the Nigerian Church–Time to Move On

Changing Attitude has also responded. Still waiting to learn whether some of the high profile members of Akinola’s American congregations like Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson support this bill.

Hat tip to Changing Attitude for all of its hard work on this.

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