A Lord with wounds

Daily Reading for April 24

Thomas is the saint who makes sure that the Easter people do not omit the missing factor. He shows what there is in this story of resurrection which we can celebrate without hollow unreality in the midst of these grievous years, in the midst of our powerlessness. Only a Lord with wounds can save us now. To us who are so captive to the principalities and powers liberation wears the face, not of the conquering hero, but of the fellow victim on the cross. When you come to think of it, the first person to bear witness to the aliveness of Jesus was the man who was dying at his side and dared to ask for a place in his Kingdom. The real Easter people have the exhausted, enduring faces of Mother Teresa, Helder Camara, and thousands like them. The characteristic actions of the resurrection life are wiping away the tears, showing scars and sharing food.

From “The Resurrection Life” in The Incarnate God by John V. Taylor. Copyright © 2003. A Continuum book used by permission of Morehouse Publishing, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. www.morehousepublishing.com

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