A Millenial Views the Church

There is a reformation going on and it is good, according to a post on Future Politics, which focuses on the progressive youth movement. The writer commends “the dedication shown by the Episcopal Church to Jesus’ teachings about including the outcast is at the forefront of this reformation, split,and reevaluation. And if – if – we can hand these guys a mic when the “news” hits about the split, it could reconfigure how a lot of people view christianity. Move the goalposts, dammit!”

The post, which also appears here, has a really fine and colorful summary of both the differences between the Episcopal Church and other churches, but also differences within the Anglican Communion.

His analysis is that the church is splitting between those who fear those who have “cooties” and those who will welcome anyone.

The writer says that the questions being debated now in the Church will either pave the way for millenials to find a spiritual home or cause them to stay away when these issues begin to matter more to them.

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