A MMORPG Ministry


A Christian community for those who call themselves: Anglicans, Episcopalians or members of the Church of England, Episcopal Church or any of the other bodies of believers who share the Anglican heritage.

– from the Charter of the Anglican Community, SL

The Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island holds 5 services a week, hosts regular bible study, and engages a young Kiwi vicar, Mark Brown, who preaches on topics like “Six Steps to an Amazing Christian Walk.”

It is arguably the newest Anglican Cathedral, built in May 2007 by Monty Merlin. It has been sited high on a rise of Epiphany Island, with sweeping views of mountains, valleys and the seas which surround it. Vaulted gothic ceilings are supported by granite columns punctuated by glorious windows of stained glass. Since it opened its new cathedral doors last spring, the Anglican community on Epiphany Island has grown to more than 300 individuals.

The Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island was built to support the Anglican Group in Second Life, which was founded in November 2006 by Bill Sowers, who is a member of St David’s Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Kansas.

I urge my readers to consider these facts before deeply discounting the relevance of this MMORPG ministry : the virtual world of Second Life is an international community with millions of members, and the average age of the Second Life player is considered to be in the range of mid-20s to mid-30s. The lay and ordained leadership of The Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island are reaching out by logging on. I believe that their work in SL is creating an essential bridge between tradition and technology. As they build trust and deepen relationships among the SL community, they are proclaiming the gospel. For more information, visit the homepage of The Anglican Church in Second Life here.

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