A New Day


Readers, you asked and The Art Blog has listened!

Many of you wrote to inquire about the pastel swatches of color that appeared on the Cafe homepage above Daily Episcopalian and Speaking to the Soul. So this week, The Art Blog is posting Tinder’s full image, “Christ Has Risen.”

Tinder’s specialty is landscape photography, and her work is exceptional. Tinder’s focal point always breeches the known qualities of nature visible to the naked eye, and captures a hairs breath of something more, which she in turn shares with her audience. But how many of you know that Barbi Tinder is a purest? The image that you see is the image that she took – no image-altering, no software manipulation – just photography. Look here to see Tinder’s ‘When Morning Gilds the Skies’.

On View: Christ Has Risen, photography by Barbi Tinder. You can find Barbi in The Artists Registry, and in Visual Preludes 2006, an ECVA online exhibition that accompanied The General Convention in 2006.

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